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wardobe stylist

commercials. films. stills.

Fran is a Cape Town based wardrobe stylist.
She has a BA (Fine Art) from the University of Witwatersrand and gravitated quite naturally into the film industry.
Since 1987 she has worked on commercials, stills and films, although she primarily focuses on commercials. She has a wealth of local knowledge and experience in all aspects of costume design and wardrobe styling.

Cape Town, South Africa


Nautilus Film Crew
+27 21 510 4850 | asa@nautilus.co.za

The Economist

Directed by Nicole Ackermann

Whirlpool Triplets

Directed by Nicole Ackermann

Whirlpool Couple

Directed by Nicole Ackermann


Directed by Filip Tellander

Huggies Finding Feet

Directed by Pantera & Co (Brian Katze and Francisco Canton)

Huggies Comfort

Directed by Pantera & Co (Brian Katze and Francisco Canton)

Secret Photographer

Directed by Braam Van Riet


Directed by Micheal Middelton

K Citymarket Grillhaus

Directed by Johannes Salonen

K Citymarket Burgeri

Directed by Johannes Salonen

K Citymarket Pihvi

Directed by Johannes Salonen


Directed By Jorn Haagen

Harry Boy Vampire

Directed by Traktor

Harry Boy Gold Teeth

Directed by Traktor

Harry Boy Neanderthal

Directed by Traktor


Directed by Jorn Haagen


Directed by Vaughan Arnell

Disney – I am a Princess

Melodie McDaniel

Hellmanns 100 Years

Directed by Morten Sandstroen


Directed by Justine Calvery

work history snapshot


Plantagen, Bonitas, Mastercard, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Economist, Whirlpool, K Citymarket, Bounce, Gain, Harry Boy, Secret, Plascon, Emirates, Milo, Hellmans, Reebok, Asics, Caprisun, Vodafone, Erdinger, Toyota, DSTV, Peugeot, Disney, Wicks, Huggies, Amway, VW Jetta, MTN, Beaver Falls, Stride, Citroen, Comviq, OBI, Clearasil, Angel Soft, Colgate, Londis, Kelloggs, H & M,  Nissan Stagea, Clorox, Nescafe, Sony, Knorr, Renault


Mindcastle (Danielle Krieger and Casey Warren), Nicole Ackermann, Johannes Salonen, Jorn Haagen, Traktor, Braam Van Riet, Justine Puren Calvery, Vaughan Arnell, Thibault Grevet, Morten Sandstroen, Melodie McDaniel, Henri-Alex Rubin, Dave Morrison, Magni Augustsson, Christian Rein, Gerda Genis, Nick Knight, David Bailey, Darin Scott, Lawrence Gay, Hans Steinbichler, Paul Weiland, Vicci Turpin, Michael Middelton, Filip Kazez, Pantera & Co (Brian Kazez and Francisco Canton), Ryan Francis

for any queries or further information,
get in touch with Fran by filling in the form below


alternatively, send an email to franshenker@gmail.com